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Which fruits should a mother avoid if diabetic during pregnancy?

Fruits that have a high glycemic index such as watermelons, pineapples, mango, cherries, litchis, overly ripe bananas, sweetened cranberries, figs, tangerines and raisins should be avoided by a pregnant mother. Also, other fruit products, such as juices, canned fruits, sweetened fruits, fruit jam etc., should also be avoided. Remember, moderation is the key.

You should avoid fruits that have a high glycemic index if you have gestational diabetes. The key here is moderation and balancing the diet plan.

Should I completely avoid fruits if I have gestational diabetes?

No. Generally, eating fruit as part of a healthful diet should not be bad for gestational diabetes. The risk factors that can worsen gestational diabetes include a diet that is high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats.

However, you should not consume more than the recommended daily allowance of fruit. This is because it may add too much sugar to the diet elevating blood sugar levels.

Also, you must choose fresh fruit rather than dried fruits. You should also limit the intake of concentrated options like fruit juice or smoothies. This will reduce the overall sugar intake.

Which fruits should I avoid if I have gestational diabetes?

Adopting a healthier lifestyle and eating the right kind of foods can avoid any possible complications with gestational diabetes. The diet of a mother with gestational diabetes must include non-starch options such as fruits and vegetables in her diet. 

However, the consumption of some fruits can increase your blood sugar levels due to the high sugar content. The glycemic index (GI) of a food item shows how much it can raise a person’s blood sugar. If the GI score of a fruit is high (between 70 and 100), you should avoid it. If you consume it, you should consider the quantity. A few fruits that are in this range of high Glycemic Index are watermelons, pineapples, mango, cherries, etc. 

Are there other fruit products that I should avoid?

Yes. You should also avoid fruit punch, fruit drinks, fruit juice drinks, canned fruits, any fruit with sugar syrup, etc.

Remember, you can consume fruits even with diabetes. Even the ones with a high glycemic index can be consumed. But there should be a balanced diet plan. Everything should be consumed in moderation to keep the blood glucose level under control.

For avoiding any complications, one needs to consult a dietician in order to tailor a diet as per the glycemic index of the fruit, the glucose levels and the dietary requirements of the mother. 

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