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The dietary requirements differ from person to person. A diet plan could never be one size fits all. However, avoid certain food items if you have ovarian cysts in order to manage the symptoms. 

What foods to avoid if I have ovarian cysts?

If a woman is suffering from ovarian cysts, her diet should exclude certain food items. These include food items rich in carbohydrates like junk food and food items that can be toxic and cause acidity. Alcohol shall also be avoided as it can raise estrogen levels. These are avoided as they can cause hormonal imbalance and further weaken the immune system. As a lack of vegetables and high sugar in a diet can prevent the removal of toxins, these can cause or exacerbate ovarian cysts. Therefore, should be avoided. Similarly, overcooked and baked items should be avoided.

Wheat products should be limited due to the presence of phytic acid as it binds minerals, such as zinc and magnesium, that are essential for hormonal balance. According to the findings of the research, the amount of fat consumption was higher in women with ovarian cysts; however, this difference was not statistically significant. In this regard, it is recommended that women of reproductive age should reduce their fat intake.

Why are a few food items avoided with cysts in the ovary?

A doctor may recommend you to avoid certain food items if you have cysts in your ovary. These include refined carbohydrates, such as highly processed food items that cause inflammation and exacerbate insulin resistance. High sugar intake and beverages, such as soda, etc., should be avoided. This is because refined sugar causes hormonal imbalance. It leads to ovarian cysts or irritates existing ones. Inflammation-causing foods like red or processed meats should also be avoided or at least limited. It is done as can trigger the formation of ovarian cysts as well as worsen existing cysts.

Similarly, fried foods should be avoided as these can cause quick excess weight gain. Also, the oil used for frying them is synthetic and can disrupt the hormones in the body.

You should also avoid saturated fats because it can be harmful, and it elevates the cholesterol levels in the body. Lastly, you should also avoid caffeine as it causes dehydration and inflammation in the body. This can produce new ovarian cysts while exacerbating existing ones.

However, it is best to speak with a doctor to plan your diet. They can recommend you an eating plan according to the requirements of your body.

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