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An advertisement for “Satochi Plus tablets” has gone viral on social media, claiming that it is a cure for diabetes and stabilises blood-sugar levels. You can see the advertisement here, which also has a link to ordering the “medicine”, composed of “100% natural ingredients”, where it advertises that the medicine is FDA certified.

Fact check

Newschecker first looked up the FDA advertisement for Satochi tablets, which did not throw up any relevant results, raising our doubts. We looked up the drug database, too, which did not display matching results.

However, we came across this FDA write-up, warning against illegally marketed products promising to prevent, treat, and even cure diabetes. According to the write-up, “Illegally marketed products carry an additional risk if they cause people to delay or discontinue effective treatments for diabetes. Without proper disease management, people with diabetes are at a greater risk for developing serious health complications.” The write-up points out red flags for probable scams if the product offers to be an “inexpensive therapy to fight and eliminate type II diabetes!”; “Protects your eyes, kidneys, and blood vessels from damage!”; “Replaces your diabetes medicine!”; “Effective treatment to relieve all symptoms of diabetes!” and a “Natural diabetes cure!”. The advertisement for Satochi tablets runs on similar claims.

“Products that promise an easy fix might be alluring, but consumers are gambling with their health. In general, diabetes is a chronic disease, but it is manageable. And people can lower their risk for developing complications by following treatments prescribed by health care professionals, carefully monitoring blood sugar levels, and sticking to an appropriate diet and exercise program,” the article further read, indicating that the product was not FDA-approved.

We then looked up the link in the ad, which led us to the product’s website, where we see one FDA accreditation with “Bell Flavours and Fragrances”, an American multinational manufacturer of flavours, fragrances, botanicals and ingredients. We looked up the website for Satochi tablets and did not find any results.

We then ran a keyword search for “Satochi tablets”, which led us to this write-up on the tablets. According to the article, “The products are not drugs, therefore, do not replace the function of medicines”.


Neither FDA-approved nor a medicine, Satochi tablets is not a cure for diabetes.

Result: False

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