Video shows Russian shelling sets afire harvesting grain in Ukraine; Fact Check- Digiteye

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, fears of food grain shortage and global food crisis have gripped many nations. Ukraine has often accused Russia of targeting agricultural fields.

In this context, a video has gone viral recently on Twitter and WhatsApp claiming that it was showing how Russian shelling is destroying harvesting grain by Ukraine farmers. Here’s the video:

It was shared here and here.


When the Digiteye India team checked for the original video, we could trace it on YouTube that was uploaded to show the forest fire in the US state of Michigan, while testing his drone Mavic 3 Pro. It was uploaded on July 19, 2022 as “Wheat Fire”. See the video here:

The caption reads: “July 18, 2022. A fire started while the farmers were harvesting this year’s wheat crop. There were no injuries or loss of farm equipment. Crop loss is unknown. Location: Crystal Road and Spencer Rd, Crystal Township, Montcalm County, Michigan.”

Hence, the video was not from Ukraine but from the United States.

Claim: Russian shelling set afire harvesting grains in Ukraine.

Conclusion: False, the video is not from Ukraine but from Michigan, US.

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