Video claims Indore collector gives warning to Muslims over slogans in Ujjain; Fact Check- Digiteye

A video purportedly showing Indore collector’s controversial statements against Muslims for allegedly raising anti-national slogans in Ujjain is being shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The man in the video is seen challenging anti-nationals to spend a few days in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan and also gives a stern warning that whoever raises anti-India slogans will be crushed by the government. The video was shared by Mahila Morcha Bhandara on Facebook.

It’s being shared on twitter here and here.


Usually no collector makes such partisan remarks and Digiteye India team searched for the original video with a frame-cut of the person in Google Reverse Image Search. The results showed that the original video was uploaded by the ‘ETV Bharat’ on 23 August 2021 and the person was identified as Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma. Another news item on the incident was published in ‘Jan Satta’.

As per the reports, Rameshwar Sharma was referring to some slogans raised by some people during the Muharram celebration in Ujjain. Sharma was quoted to have told media: “If you had your mother’s milk, spend a few days living in Taliban ruled Afghanistan and show. This country will be run by the constitution made by Babasaheb. Whoever raises anti-India slogans will be crushed. Those who like Taliban must go to Taliban.”

Secondly, our search for the present collector of the Indore district in Madhya Pradesh showed that it is Dr. Ilayaraja T and the claim that Rameshwar Sharma was collector of Indore is totally false.

Claim: Video showing Indore collector’s controversial statements against Muslims in Ujjain.

Conclusion: The man shown in the video is Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma, not the collector of Indore.

Rating: Totally False — Five rating

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