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A UP village-based artist, Noorjahan has entered into Guinness Book of World Records for single-handedly sketching 15 portraits at a time.

 Guinness Book of World Record
Screenshot of Facebook post by @zararster

Link to the Facebook post can be found here.


No credible media reports

A keyword search for “Noorjahan,” & “Guinness World Record” on Google did not yield any credible news report on the girl being accorded with the world record for making 15 sketches single handedly as is being widely claimed.

No record of this on Guinness World Record website

Further, we looked up “Noorjahan”  and “sketching” on the official website of the Guinness World Record which also did not throw up any relevant result. Additionally, on scanning the “Art and Craft” section on the website we did not find any record under her name.

Screengrab from Guinness World Record website

We also scanned through the social media accounts of Noorjahan- Facebook and Instagram– which were devoid of any posts confirming that she is a Guinness world record holder.

Noorjahan denies having attained such a laurel

Additionally, we found another version of the viral video was uploaded on her YouTube channel on October 27, 2022, with the title ‘15 drawing ek sath world record // 1 hath se 15 drawing.’ In this video Noor Jahan can be heard talking about her interest in drawing and how she always wanted to do something for the country. However, she did not mention anything about the record.

Following this, Newschecker Punjabi team reached out to Noor Jahan who told us that though her teacher (Ajay Meena) had applied for the Guinness World Record, the status of which is unknown. “Sir has appealed for the record, but I haven’t been declared a record holder as yet,” she clarified.

Newschecker has also reached out to Guinness World Record and Noor Jahan’s teacher Ajay Meena to understand the status of the application. The article will be updated on receiving a response from them.

We could thus conclude that she has not set any world record as yet, though there may be an application for her to be considered for this feat awaiting a response from the said organisation.

In addition,  many other social media users are doubting the veracity of the viral video and are declaring her claim fake, alleging that Noorjahan could not have sketched 15 sketches simultaneously with such clarity using the technique she used.

Screenshot of Facebook post by @ArtistFarazz

We could not verify this aspect independently.

We have reached out to her teacher, Ajay Meena, to confirm the actual technique used, whether the video has been digitally altered and to find out the status of his application to Guinness world records. The article will be updated on receiving further information 

Result: Partly False


Official Website Of Guinness World Record
Telephonic Conversation With Noorjahan on October 27, 2022

(With inputs from Shaminder Singh Mahi)

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