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(This article has originally been done in Hindi by Shubham Singh)


A video of a man mixing Harpic, a popular brand of toilet cleaner in Golgappa water, is being shared with a communal colour. The caption reads, ‘A jihadi named Zubair was feeding people by mixing harpic in the water of Pani Patase.  If you buy anything from jihadis, there will be a risk of losing your life.’


To verify the authenticity of the video we checked the whole video and found a disclaimer at the end which read ‘’This video is scripted and all events and characters are fictional.’

Upon conducting a keyword search on Facebook with the words “Harpic”, “Golgappa”, we found a video by a Facebook Page called ‘Gyaan Bhandar” uploaded on 7th July, 2022, which is the same video as the one which is going viral now with a communal angle.

The caption of the video reads  “Disclaimer, this video is a complete fiction, all the events in the video are scripted and made for entertainment purpose, it does not promote any kind of activity. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”

This proves that the social media viral video is staged. We noticed that this Facebook page’s “Intro” section states that only scripted films are produced in order to warn and protect viewers against fraud.

Newschecker also contacted the admin of Gyan Bhandar Facebook page. The article will be updated when their reply has been received.

Result: False

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