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A video is doing the rounds on social media showing a woman in a pink saree in an elevator sedating another woman dressed in white by covering her face with a cloth.

After the victim seemingly falls unconscious, the lady in the pink saree appears to be looting her personal belongings. The video appears to be shot by a CCTV camera but does not cover the full area of the elevator due to which what was stolen is not clearly visible. The video has been shared on Twitter by user @abs261 which has garnered 146 likes and 89 retweets.


To verify the authenticity of the video, Newschecker conducted a reverse search image of the key-frames of the video on Google and found the video on Youtube on a Youtube channel called Tech 4 You.

Upon conducting a keyword search with the words “Lift theft”, “CCTV footage”, “Chloroform” on Youtube, Newschecker found a longer version of the video uploaded by a Youube channel called EYE SPOT on 14th August, 2022 titled ‘THIS WAS UNEXPECTED😢😢|| BE CAREFULL || Social Awareness Video By EYE SPOT || EYE SPOT’

In the longer version of the video a woman in a saree keeps going up and down in the elevator, not getting off at any floor. It is observed that when men enter the lift on two different occasions, she does not do anything and remains in the lift. As soon as a woman holding a bag enters the lift, the woman in the pink saree puts a handkerchief over the mouth of her victim who she forcefully sedates. The woman in the saree then proceeds to take her jewellery and the bag the “victim” was carrying exits the lift. 

Upon checking the full description of the video, Newschecker found that the video is scripted. The description reads “Thank you for watching! Please be aware that this Channel features scripted dramas and parodies to Aware People in Different Situations. This Channel Brings Social Awareness Videos. These short films are for entertainment purposes only! Thankyou…..”.

Courtesy: EYE SPOT Youtube channel

Towards the end of the video, more such videos carrying similar captions “This was Unexpected” popped up as suggestions indicating this to be a series. Further if you see at the bottom left, the video says #Socialawareness indicating the purpose of uploading the video.

Courtesy: EYE SPOT Youtube channel

Result: Missing Context


Youtube video by  TECH 4 YOU on   August 24, 2022

Youtube video by  EYE SPOT on   August 14, 2022

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