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From fans decrying stringent rules imposed by the host country to alleged conversions, from Saudi’s shocking win against Argentina to Japan’s surprise victory over Germany, FIFA WC 2022 has kept social media buzzing. 

However, the event has also seen a lot of misinformation cropping around it. One such instance of fake news, was also picked up by mainstream media and shared widely by credible media outlets- one regarding a gift of Rolls Royce Phantom to each player of the Saudi team by a pleased crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The Saudi team and the coach have however denied the reports. 

Major news outlets including NDTV, Hindustan Times, Times Of India, WION News and India  Times were amongst the organisations that published the news report in India, and many had to publish corrections later. 

International media that fell for the fake news include Daily Mail online and Mirror.

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Fact check/ Verification 

Sharing the video, Twitter handle @xlal_ wrote “A British journalist tried to provoke Saleh Al-Shehri: I heard after your amazing victory against Argentina, a gift was presented to every player with Roses, is that true and what color did you choose? Saleh Al-Shehri: Not true Journalist: It’s a pity, isn’t it? Saleh Al-Shehri: We are here to serve the country, and we do our best, and this is our best achievement.” 

The handle identified themself as a social media editor who previously worked with Sports 360. In the same thread, the user also posted another video of the Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard clarifying that the information was not true. “There is nothing true about this,” Renard said. “We have a very serious federation and ministry of sport and it is not the time to get something at this moment. We only have played one game, have two very important [group stage] games and we are hoping for some more. There is nothing true about this comment,” he said. 

According to reports the rumour triggered by a tweet from a handle @DrAwab, who identifies himself as a Pakistani dentist, which was soon retweeted by football fans on social media, and also made it to mainstream media. 

Tweet  that started the misinformation about Saudi players getting Rolls Royce


An unsubstantiated social media post claiming that each member of the Saudi football team will be awarded with a Rolls Royce Phantom, was picked up and widely reported by mainstream media outlets.

Result: False 

Our Sources

Tweet by @xlal_ showing Alshehri denying reports of Rolls Royce being gifted to Saudi team 

Tweet by @xlal_ showing Renard  denying reports of Rolls Royce being gifted to Saudi team 

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