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Following the social media uproar calling for “boycott” of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Pathan, a video in which PM Narendra Modi can be heard in Hindi saying that he is the son of a Pathan is going viral. Several social media users shared the footage showing the Prime Minister as saying, “I am the son of a Pathan. I speak the truth. I do the truth.” Newschecker found that the video is being shared out of context.

The 10-second-long-clip is going viral on Twitter with many sharing it to show support to the movie Pathan. Several users also cited PM Modi calling himself a Pathan as reason enough to watch the film.

Archived versions of such tweets can be seen here, here, here and here.

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Fact Check/Verification

A keyword search for “PM Modi, “ & “Son Of Pathan” on YouTube led us to a video report by India TV, dated February 23,  2019, titled ‘PM Modi’s fiery attack on Imran Khan: Time to see if ‘son of Pathan’ stands by his words.

Son of a Pathan
Screengrab from YouTube video by IndiaTV

The description of the video read, “In a direct attack at Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said it was time to test if the “son of Pathan” stands by his words. The prime minister was addressing a gathering in Rajasthan’s Tonk when he made the scathing attack, in wake of the deadly terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama which claimed lives of 40 CRPF personnel.”

Screengrab from YouTube video by IndiaTV

Around 50 seconds into the video, we spotted a clip of PM Modi in the same attire as seen in the viral video. Here, the PM can be heard saying, “I had called Imran Khan after he was elected as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, as per protocol…. I had told him…. India and Pakistan should unite to fight against poverty, illiteracy… and he (Khan) had then told me that Modiji I am the son of a Pathan. I speak the truth, I do the truth.”  Modi then goes on to say that today is the time to test these words of the (then) Pakistani PM.

Further, we looked up keywords “PM Modi,” “Imran Khan,” “Pathan” & “Pulwama” on Google which yielded a report by NDTV, dated February 23, 2019, ‘On Pulwama, PM Modi’s Dare For Imran Khan, “Son Of A Pathan”‘

Screengrab from NDTV website

Carrying a longer version of the viral video, the report stated that PM Modi challenged Imran Khan (then Pakistan PM) to “to act honourably by bringing to justice those responsible for the Pulwama terror attack.” It further quoted the Prime Minister as saying, “I told him (Khan) there have been plenty of fights between India and Pakistan. Pakistan got nothing. Every time, we won. I told him let us fight against poverty and illiteracy. He (Khan) told me, ‘Modi ji, I am the son of a Pathan. I speak true and I do true‘. Today, the time has come for him to stand true to his words. I will see whether he stands true to his words or not,” he said.

Multiple other news outlets had also reported on the same. Such reports can be seen here, here and here


A clipped version of a longer video is being shared to falsely claim that PM Modi said that he was a son of a Pathan. The Prime Minister was actually referring to a conversation he had with former Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in which the latter said that he was the son of a Pathan. Viral video is being shared out of context.

Result: Missing Context


YouTube Video By IndiaTV, Dated February 23,  2019
Report By NDTV, Dated February 23, 2019

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