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This video shows an accident that happened in Kollam, Kerala, back in August 2022.

Five people have died across Tamil Nadu after Cyclone Mandous made landfall on 9 December crossing the coast with a wind speed of 75 km an hour, bringing rain to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Puducherry. It damaged Uppada beach road in Andhra Pradesh’s Kakinada district.

We noticed a video starting with a clip of a boat being rocked by huge waves among the many photos and videos of the cyclone on social media. The boat was seen tilting due to the force of the water, and one person was seen falling overboard as a result. The video continues with more images from the beach. Users sharing this video claims that it shows the impact of cyclone Mandous from Marina beach.

The caption of the viral post reads “#CycloneMandous Live Marina Beach | Heavy Rainfall in #Tamilnadu| #Andhrapradesh | #Puducherry Cyclone Crossed Chennai Central, Coming to Bangalore Now?”

During our investigation, we discovered that the footage of the boat in the waves depicts a boat accident that occurred four months ago in Kerala and has nothing to do with the recent Cyclone Mandous. 

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The same video of a boat capsize in the sea has been shared on Twitter, with the claim that it depicts the fury of Cyclone Mandous at Kakinada-Uppada beach in Andhra Pradesh.

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Fact Check-

We started our investigation by running a reverse image search on Google with one of the key frames of the viral video. The results led us to the longer version of the same video was uploaded by Indian Express on YouTube on 2 August 2022 with the caption “Four fishermen fall into sea at Kollam District as their boat is lashed by high waves.”
The location of this video is mentioned to be from Kerala. The description reads, “Four fishermen fell into the sea after their boat was lashed by high waves at Neendakara, Kollam district. The fisher men were rescued by crew of another boat”

Next, we found a report by the Keralakaumudi news, which had published screenshots of the viral video on 1 August 2022. 

According to the report, a fishing boat was about to be capsized after being hit by a huge wave at Neendakara, the presence of mind of Srank on the boat saved the lives of 28 people. Heavy rains followed by strong winds caused huge waves in the seas of Kerala. Despite the ban, many boats went to sea, One such boat was involved in the accident, The boat, which escaped from the waves and was coming to the shore, but it tilted to one side and was about to capsize and four people fell into the sea. Srank controlled the boat without getting capsized. The incident came to light when the visuals of the accident were released by those who were in another boat.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be Misleading.  This video shows an accident that happened in Kollam, Kerala, back in August 2022 and has no relation with the recent Cyclone Mandous.


Title:Old video of boat accident in Kerala shared as impact of Cyclone Mandous

Fact Check By: Usha Manoj 

Result: Misleading

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