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Amid the ongoing Padayatra of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, a video clip is doing rounds on social media showing him talk about petrol and boosting the India economy.

The caption in Hindi read:”मुझे तो राहुल गांधी के भाषण का इसलिए इंतजार रहता है क्यूँकि जब भी बंदा बोलता है, कच्चा मसाला मिलता है पोस्ट करने को.. ‘अब पेट्रोल से ट्रैक्टर-ट्रक चलाएंगे राहुल बाबा’ यह काम सिर्फ राहुल बाबा ही कर सकते हैं जब आटा लीटर में दे सकते हैं तो ट्रैक्टर-ट्रक को पेट्रोल डालकर चला भी सकते हैं”  [I wait for Rahul Gandhi’s speech because whenever the man speaks, I get raw masala to post.. ‘Ab petrol with tractor-truck Rahul Baba’ This work can be done only by Rahul Baba if he can give flour in litres, you can drive tractor-truck by putting petrol in it.]

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Digiteye India took it up for fact checking as false narratives against Rahul Gandhi have often been resorted to widely to discredit him by his critics.

A Google Reverse Image Search of the video keyframes showed results of a video uploaded by a tweet on the official handle of the Indian National Congress, on April 20, 2019 on the occasion of Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

What Rahul Gandhi spoke was about the advantages of NYAY Yojna, the minimum wage support programme of the INC during the 2019 general elections specifying how it would give a boost to the Indian economy. Using the analogy of petrol and an engine, he spoke about kick-starting the falling economy.

The video was clipped to suit the false narrative out of context to discredit the Congress leader. Watch the full video here to know the truth starting at 11:12 where Rahul Gandhi explains the benefits of NYAY Yojna before giving the analogy of petrol and engine.

Hence, the video is an effort to mislead the context and portray Rahul Gandhi in bad light.

Claim: Rahul Gandhi claimed to use petrol to kickstart Indian economy.

Conclusion: False narrative using video clips without full context.

Rating: Misrepresentation —

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