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A photo of former Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is going viral on social media with users claiming that Oxford University has announced a scholarship for students  in his honour. Newschecker found this claim to be not true.

The post has been shared on Facebook by a user ‘Lata Tauro’.

Courtesy: Facebook/lata.tauro

The Facebook link can be seen here, here and here.

Newschecker also received this claim on our WhatsApp tipline (+91 9999499044) requesting it to be fact checked.

Fact Check /Verification

We started our investigation by skimming through the full list of scholarships in the Oxford University website but did not find any such scholarship under the name of Dr. Manmohan Singh. The full list can be viewed here.

Upon conducting a keyword search with the words “Manmohan Singh”, “scholarship” “England”, Newschecker found that the assertion most likely stems from another source. Newschecker found a The Hindu article from 13th January, 2009 titled ‘Cambridge announces Manmohan scholarships’. According to the article Cambridge University announced a scholarship programme for Indian students in honour of Dr. Manmohan Singh.

According to the article, “The Manmohan Singh Under-Graduate Scholarship Programme starting from 2010 will provide full funding, covering fees and means-tested maintenance for under-graduate study in any subject at any of the colleges that are part of the university.”

The same is confirmed by a notice on Cambridge University’s official website.


Newscheckers’s investigation reveals that it is Cambridge university, and not University of Oxford that offers scholarship in honour of Dr Manmohan Singh.

Result: False

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