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Amid controversy over the remarks made by PTI chief Imran Khan against a female judge over the arrest of Shahbaaz Gil (chief of staff to Imran Khan at PTI), protests erupted across Pakistan condemning the comments made by him at a rally. Social media users are sharing an image of women Muslim League (N) assembly members holding up a placard which spelt ‘condemn’ as ‘condom’. Newschecker found the image of the placard to be edited.

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The image has been shared on Twitter by user @Sanjay_Dixit which has garnered 3,619 likes and 824 retweets on the platform. The image has been shared along with the caption ‘Excellent! Condom to Imran Khan is absolutely appropriate.’

Newschecker found similar claims with different captions on Twitter.

Fact Check/Verification

We started our investigation by conducting a reverse image search on the viral image to ascertain its authenticity and found the original image tweeted on 24th August, 2022 by the official account of Hina Parvez Butt who is a is a Pakistani politician and a Pakistan Muslim League (N)’s member in Provincial Assembly of the Punjab on the reserved seats for women. The placard clearly reads ‘We condemn Imran Khan for threatening a female judge.’ The image was tweeted along with the caption ‘Today, we expressed solidarity with the female judge who was threatened by Imran Khan in Lahore.’

Upon further investigation, Newschecker found a Youtube video uploaded by SAMAA TV on their official channel on 24th August, 2022 which showed visuals of the protest outside the Punjab Assembly. Around the 50 second mark, we see the same frame as the image that is going viral. The poster clearly reads ‘condemn’ and not ‘condom’.

The video was also tweeted by the official account of Pakistani journalist Saif Awan along with the caption ‘Muslim League-N assembly members protest on the steps of Punjab Assembly against Imran Khan’s threat to a female judge, the members chanted “Imran Khan is the only devil in Pakistan”.’


Newschecker’s investigation reveals that the image of the placard which reads “We condom Imran Khan for threatening female judge” is altered.

Result: Altered Photo/Video

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