‘Nitish Sabke Hai’ Poster Not Put Up After Nitish Kumar Dumped BJP – Newschecker


Nitish Sabke Hai” poster put up at JDU HQs in Patna amid recent political turmoil in Bihar.

Apart from social media users, several news outlets including ANI, NDTV, Zee Business, and Republic Bharat also shared the viral image, only to delete it later. Archived links to such reports and posts by news organisations can be seen here, here, here and here.


Newschecker conducted a Google reverse image search on the viral photo along with the keywords “नीतीश सबके हैं,” which led us to a report by TV9 Hindi, dated October 7, 2020, with the title which roughly translates to “Bihar elections: JDU puts up poster to tell ‘Sabke Hai Nitish.” The report carried the viral image and elaborated that JDU had put up this poster in an attempt to emphasise that Nitish Kumar is beyond the barriers of caste or religion and belongs to everyone.

Screenshot of TV9 Hindi website

Several news outlets had carried the viral image of the poster saying “Nitish Sabke Hai” in 2020 in context to the Bihar Assembly Elections. Such reports can be seen here and here.

Further, we found several Facebook posts from 2020 carrying the viral image.

(L-R) Screenshot of Facebook post by user Rakesh Yadav and Amit Kumar Tiwari

Links to such posts can be found here and here.

In a tweet news agency ANI admitted that it is an old photo and was shared erroneously. The archived version of the same can be seen here

We could thus conclude that the poster featuring a photo of the Bihar CM along with the words “Nitish Sabke Hai” was put up ahead of the 2020 Bihar Assembly Elections and is unrelated to the recent political reshuffle in the state.

Result: False

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