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Aircraft tragedies in Nepal and Ukraine prompted several unverified visuals to flood the social media platforms this week.While old and unrelated images were shared claiming to show the Yeti Airlines plane crash in Nepal, a video from 2014 was falsely linked to a chopper crash in Ukraine. From misinformation on a mosque demolition in Prayagraj to false claims about the kite flying festival in Ahmedabad, read top 5 fact checks from the week here:

Prayagraj Mosque Razed For Road-Widening Work, Not Because Pakistani Flag Was Hoisted On It

A video showing a mosque being razed to the ground, is being shared widely on social media, with users alleging that the structure, in Prayagraj, was brought down by the Yogi administration for hoisting a Pakistan flag. Newschecker found that the mosque in Prayagraj was demolished because of road-widening work undertaken by the PWD and not after a Pakistani flag was hoisted on it. Read more here.

Old, Unrelated Images Shared As Wreckage Of Recent Yeti Airlines Crash In Nepal

A Yeti Airlines plane with over 70 people onboard, flying from Nepal’s Kathmandu to Pokhara, crashed in Nepal on Sunday morning killing at least 40 people. Soon after, several social media users shared visuals and images claiming to show the aftermath of the crash. Newschecker found that many of these images were not linked to the Yeti airlines crash. Read more here.

Video Of Clash Linked To Kerala Christian Sect Falsely Shared As ‘Hindu Women Beating Up Muslim Man For Misbehaviour’

A video showing a group of women beating up a man has recently gone viral, with users claiming it to be of “Kerala Hindu girls attacking a Muslim man for his misbehaviour”. Newschecker found the claim to be untrue. We found that a video of a clash related to a Kerala church is being shared with a false claim to show  Hindu women assaulting a Muslim man for misbehaviour. Read more here

Misinformation On Ukraine Chopper Crash

Chopper Crash In Ukraine: Video Showing Helicopter Crash From 2014 Shared As Recent

A video of a chopper crash is going viral on social media platforms. Those who shared the clip claimed that it shows visuals of the recent helicopter crash in Ukraine that killed 16 people including the country’s Interior Minister. Newschecker found the claim to be untrue. The video dates back to 2014, and shows footage of a chopper crash during an airshow in Russia. Read more here.

Viral Video Showing Child Lifted Into Air By Kite Is Not From Ahmedabad

A video showing a child caught up in the string of a kite, lifted into the air, and tossed around by strong winds, before finally hitting the ground is going viral on social media platforms. Those who shared the clip claimed that it depicts an accident during the recently concluded Uttarayan festival, which involves kite flying, in Ahmedabad. Newschecker found the claim to be false. The video dates back to 2020, and shows visuals from Taiwan.Read more here.

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