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An Indian-origin in the race for the UK PM, a communal controversy, and new tax rates among others provided a perfect breeding ground for misinformation this week. Several social media users congratulated Rishi Sunak on being elected as the UK PM while the election process is still underway. Some netizens falsely alleged that Hindu men were arrested for offering Namaz at Lucknow’s LuLu mall. From users misleadingly claiming that the government has imposed 18% GST on crematorium services to the return of free laptop hoax in a new avatar, here are our top five fact checks from the past week:

Weekly Wrap: Misinformation On Rishi Sunak, LuLu Mall Row, Revised GST Rates & More

Government Giving Free Laptops To All Students? Viral Claim Is False

A post is going viral on social media claiming that the Ministry of Education in India is providing free laptops to all students as part of a Government scheme. The post asked social media users to click on a link to check if the individual is eligible for a laptop. Newschecker’s investigation reveals that the viral message is fake. It exposes the user’s device to a potential virus attack and asks the user to share the link with as many contacts as possible. Read more here.

No, Rishi Sunak Is Not PM Of The UK, Yet !

Rishi Sunak is in the fray to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Sunak captured the limelight in Indian media owing to his Indian origin. Several social media users congratulated Sunak on becoming the “Prime Minister of the UK”. Newschecker found the claim to be false. The race to the UK PM is still underway at the time of writing this article. Read more here.

Old Video From Himachal Shared Claiming To Show Recent Landslide At Goa-Karnataka Border

A video of a massive landslide is going viral on social media platforms. Those sharing the video claimed it to show a landslide on Anmod Ghat located on the Goa-Karnataka Border. Newschecker’s investigation reveals that this video is old and unrelated to the said event. Read more here

Central Govt Imposed 18% GST On Crematorium Services? No, It’s Untrue

Amid the outrage over revised GST rates which came into effect from July 18, it is being claimed on social media that the centre has imposed 18% GST on crematorium services now. Newschecker found that the claim is not true. There is no GST on crematorium services. Though the tax rates on work contracts for crematoriums have been increased from 12% to 18%. Read more here.

No, Hindu Men Were Not Arrested For Offering Namaz At Lucknow’s LuLu Mall

Days after a video showing a group of men offering Namaz at the recently inaugurated LuLu Mall in Lucknow went viral, several social media users are claiming that three Hindu men have been arrested in connection with this incident. Newschecker found the claim to be false. The trio was arrested over an attempt to recite Hanuman Chalisa at the mall. Read more here.

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