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From a fake WhatsApp forward on demonetisation of dollar bills before 2021 by the US to a video from Bengaluru falsely claimed as visuals of ‘bamboo airport’ in Arunachal Pradesh, this week saw a spate of misinformation on a wide range of issues. Here are our top five debunks from the past week:


Demonetisation By The US? Here’s A Fact-Check Of Viral Whatsapp Forward

A Whatsapp forward claiming that the US government has decided that its currency notes printed before 2021 will no longer be valid from January 2023 has gone viral. According to the forward, the demonetisation move was taken during a meeting between “United States Federal Reserve Bank, Office of the Comptroller of Currency, IMF, World-Bank and Governors of Africa’s Central Banks.” Newschecker found the viral claim to be false. Read more here.

Video Of ‘Bamboo Airport’ Is From Bengaluru, Not Arunachal’s Donyi Polo Airport

A video claiming to show visuals from the ‘‘bamboo airport’ in Arunachal Pradesh is going viral on social media platforms. Those who shared the video further claim that the airport will be open to the public shortly. Newschecker found the claim to be untrue. The video is not from Arunachal Pradesh, but shows visuals of the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. Read more here.

Princeton University’s 3D Rendering Of Adam Looks Like Vin Diesel? Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Claim

A viral image claiming to show “Princeton University’s 3D rendering of Adam, the first human being created by God”, has evoked varied reactions across social media, with many pointing out how the model bears a resemblance to Hollywood actor Vin Diesel. Newschecker found that the viral image of “3D model of Adam rendered by Princeton University”, which resembles Vin Diesel, is just part of a meme trend that created similar models of celebrities. Read more here.

Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Image Of ‘Diesel-Powered EV Charging Point’

An image of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station is doing the rounds of social media. It appears that while a vehicle is getting charged by using an EV charging station. Along with the picture of a bemused Elon Musk, the viral post suggests that the diesel-powered charging station defeats the purpose of EVs being environment-friendly and a greener alternative to conventional vehicles. Neschecker found that the diesel-powered EV charging station seen in the photo was specifically designed as a stop-gap solution for isolated regions, where conventional charging points are scarce. Read more here.

Shiv Sena Leader Shot Dead In Punjab: Man Threatening To “Kill” Sikhs In Video Is Not Sudhir Suri’s

Shortly after Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri was shot dead in Amritsar,  one of his young supporters spoke to the media from the shooting site. He went on record, threatening to kill all Sikhs in Punjab if Suri were to die.  The video is now being shared on social media claiming that the young man was Suri’s son, demanding that he be arrested for the provocation. Newschecker has found the claim to be false. Read more here.

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