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While the Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Yatra hogged headlines this past week, the Congress leader’s litre-kilogram mix-up gave fodder for online misinformation, with many users sharing a clipped video from his speech at a rally against inflation. And with the recent flash floods in Pakistan and Bengaluru, social media was swamped with unverifiable images,  videos and claims . From a misleading headline on “Army rejecting Karan Johar’s donation” to old videos falsely linked to recent India-Pakistan Asia Cup match, here are our top 5 fact check from the past week:


Did Rahul Gandhi Say Wheat Flour Was Sold In Litres? Viral Video Excerpt Does Not Show Full Story

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the party’s “Halla Bol” rally targeting price rise, at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi, said the price of atta (wheat flour) rose from ₹22 per litre in 2014 to ₹40 per litre now. Several Twitter users, including some verified accounts, began to circulate videos of the gaffe, poking fun at the usage of his use of the word litre instead of kilograms. Newschecker learnt that a clipped video of his speech at the Congress party’s rally against inflation was being circulated on social media, omitting his correction of the “litre” blunder. Read more here.

Did The Indian Army “Reject” Karan Johar’s Donation For Casting Pakistani Actor? Know The Whole Story Here

A screenshot of an alleged report by Koimoi.com titled “When Karan Johar’s 5 Crore Donation Was Rejected By Indian Army For Letting Pakistani Actor Fawad Khan Work In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil [Reports],” is going viral on social media platforms. Several Twitter users shared the screenshot claiming it to be a “tight slap” on Brahmastra’s producer Karan Johar’s face. Newschecker found that though the website did publish the article, the headline is misleading and does not tell the entire story. Read more here.

Crocodile In Bengaluru Residential Area? No, Viral Video Is From Madhya Pradesh

The unprecedented heavy rain that has lashed Bengaluru recently has resulted in waterlogged streets and challenges for authorities to clear the water in time. Several videos have gone viral highlighting the plight of citizens and the flooded areas across the IT hub. One of them shows a crocodile wading through a narrow street between two rows of houses. Newschecker found that the viral video of a crocodile wading through a flooded locality is actually from Madhya Pradesh, where heavy rain caused floods in August 2022. Read more here.

Old, Unrelated Videos Shared As Visuals Of Pakistan Floods Aftermath

With massive floods continuing to wreak havoc in Pakistan, social media platforms are swamped with visuals showing the dire situation in the country. In this context, an image of a train partially submerged in muddy water is going viral claiming to show disruption of railway services in Balochistan. A video showing vehicles being carried away by gushing water is being shared to show the situation in Karachi.Newschecker found that these visuals are old and unrelated to recent flooding in Pakistan. Read more here.

After Pakistan’s Asia Cup Win Over India, 2020 Videos Resurface With False Claims Yet Again

Social media users shared videos allegedly showing celebrations in Kashmir after Pakistan beat India in an Asia Cup T20I match on September 4, 2022. Another video claiming that fireworks broke out in Srinagar following Pakistan’s win over India went viral on social media platforms soon after Pakistan’s win. Newschecker’s investigation revealed that the viral videos are old and are not related to Pakistan’s victory over India during a recent Asia Cup Match. Read more here.

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