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A video of a man apparently pouring some liquid into a sweet is going viral on the Internet. It has been shared with a communal claim that the man was caught peeing in Gulab Jamun made for a Hindu wedding. 

The video is widely circulated by social media users for calling for a boycott of Muslim vendors in Hindu festivals. 

Fact Crescendo received the viral video on our WhatsApp Tipline (9049053770) with fact-check requests.

We found that the viral video is a selectively edited clip taken out of a longer prank video. 


In a short seven-second clip, a man in a red tee shirt is standing before a large container of Gulab Jamun, a typical Indian dessert of fried dough balls and sugar syrup, with his back to the camera. We can see liquid steam poured into the Gulab Jamun coming from the groin region of the man. 

Captions along with the video reads, “The man urinating in the Gulab Jamun vessel must be a Muslim. The only way to save us from them is to completely boycott them.” 


Another user asked to confirm the identity of ‘these’ people before hiring them for Hindu festivals. 


Same video and claim is widely shared on Facebook as well. 


As the video went viral on the internet, many people shared the longer version of it effectively debunking the viral falsity regarding it.  

In one such reply, you can see the full video. In it, you can clearly see the man was holding a water bottle. He was not urinating but pouring water from the bottle into Gulab Jamun. 

It is clear that the video was a prank. 

By comparing the viral clip with the longer version, we can clearly see that the claim about a man peeing into the sweet is false. The viral video is selectively edited to mislead. 

This is not the first time that such communal claims were shared on the internet. Spitting videos have falsely been linked to the Muslim community and were used for calling boycott them. 

Earlier, a clip of a man spitting on food was shared claiming he was a Muslim immigrant in London. We found out that the video was from the US and the man was not Muslim. 


A selectively edited clip from a prank video falsely shared with a communal claim that a Muslim man urinated into Gulab Jamun made for a Hindu wedding.

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Title:Man Urinating in Gulab Jamun? No, Edited Video Viral With False Communal Claims

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False

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