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Indian railways charging full train ticket price for children under the age of five 

Several media houses including Zee News and Dainik Jagran published the information, following which several users shared the same claim on social media 


A tweet by PIB fact check, that clarified on the misinformation pertaining to government policies and schemes, called out the news report as misleading and stated that it was optional to buy a train ticket and book the berth for children under the age of five. It also mentioned that free travel was permitted for children below five if no reservation/berth was booked. 

A press note issued by the Ministry of Railways through the Press Information Bureau reads “Indian Railways has not introduced any changes with regards to booking of tickets for children travelling in the train. On the demand of the passengers, an option has been given to them to buy a ticket and book a berth for their under 5 year old child if they want. And if they don’t want a separate berth, then it is free, same like it used to be earlier.”

We also found several clarifications put out by the twitter handles of North Central, Western and South western railways.

Further, the railways ministry also cited a 2020 circular wherein the ticket prices for children below five years and those between 5 & 12 years of age were clearly mentioned.

Newschecker also verified the booking procedure on IRCTC website.

The IRCTC booking page had two options for infants/children under five years of age- one without necessity of booking a birth and one without.

On selecting the option ‘Add infant without birth’, we saw a pop-up display that said that a separate ticket would not be issued, confirming what was said by the railways ministry.

On continuing to the next stage of booking, the ticket was only for one person.

On the contrary, if one selected the option of ‘Add infant with birth’, it eventually lead us to 2 bookings, generating two tickets with full fare.

Image showing booking for an infant with full fare when selecting the ‘Add infant with birth option’

Result: Partly False 

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