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Video of earthquake in Turkey that measured 6.0 in magnitude  

Earthquake In Turkey? No, here's the truth behind the viral video

Fact check/Verification

Newschecker first split the video into keyframes and conducted a Google reverse image search on the keyframes to find out the source of the video. However, the search did not throw up many results.

We then conducted a keyword search on YouTube with the keywords ‘vehicle collision’. One of the results, posted by channel ‘Ihlas News Agency’ on YouTube on 23rd November, 2022, matched the viral video. 

The caption of the video posted by Ihlas News Agency revealed that the accident happened due to speeding, when the driver of a speeding truck lost control of his vehicle triggering a chain accident involving 12 vehicles, resulting in 8 injuries. However, there was no mention of the earthquake.

We further used this as a clue and conducted a keyword search using the Turkish keywords “E-5’te Zincirleme Trafik Kazası, 12 Araç Birbirine Girdi, 1’i Bebek 8 Kişi Yaralandı” which took us to a report by, published on November 23rd, the same day as the earthquake. The report revealed that the incident took place in the Mecidiyeköy neighbourhood of Istanbul. “A driver speeding in the direction of E-5 Highway Mecidiyeköy caused a chain accident involving 12 vehicles,” the report revealed.

Another report on also revealed similar details, adding that “long queues were formed on the E-5 highway in the direction of Ankara”.

Thus, we conclude that visuals of an accident in Turkey is being falsely linked to the recent earthquake that happened on the same day.

Result: False

(This article was originally published by Abrar Bhat for Newschecker Urdu)

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