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With the inauguration of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar earlier this week, social media is flooded with a spate of misinformation related to the football tournament. From old videos of conversions being falsely shared as recent incidents in Qatar, to a simulation video falsely shared to show an underwater volcanic eruption in Indonesia, here are our top 6 debunks from the past week:

Viral Graphic Of White House Contradicting MEA Account Of Modi-Biden Meet Lacks Context

A graphic, presenting seemingly different accounts of the recent Modi-Biden meet in Bali, is going viral on social media insinuating that the Indian MEA exaggerated a small ‘greeting’ between the two leaders. It carries the images of EAM S Jaishankar and White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, juxtaposed with contradicting accounts of what transpired during the meet. Newschecker found that a remark made by White House Press Secretary in a different context, has been paraphrased and tampered with, and falsely shown as a counter to India’s account of the recent Modi-Biden meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali. Read more here.

Indonesia Earthquake: 2018 Video Showing Satellite View Of Liquefaction Viral As Recent

A 5.6 magnitude quake struck Cianjur town in West Java, Indonesia earlier this week killing at least 272 people, injuring scores, and displacing thousands of others. The rescue operation is still underway in the earthquake-prone archipelago. In this backdrop, a video claiming to show the satellite view of land shifting during the Indonesian earthquake is going viral on social media platforms. Newschecker found that the viral claim lacks context. Visuals are not from the recent quake and have been traced back to October 2018. Read more here.

Zakir Naik Converting People To Islam At Qatar World Cup? No, Viral Video Is From 2016

Qatar has reportedly invited controversial Islamic preacher and televangelist Zakir Naik to the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 to deliver religious lectures during the competition, evoking sharp reactions across social media. Against this backdrop, a video has been doing the rounds of social media, with users claiming it to show Naik “converting people to Islam” at the World Cup. Newschecker found that the viral video of four people converting to Islam in front of Zakir Naik is from 2016 event and not the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Read more here.

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Kerala Man Tears Portugal Flag: Unrelated Image Shared With Misleading Claim

A picture of a man, with his head bandaged and arm in a sling, has gone viral on social media. Several users claim the picture to be of a BJP worker thrashed by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans in Kerala after he allegedly tore up the flag of Ronaldo’s country, Portugal, thinking it to be SDPI’s. Newschecker found that a BJP worker did tear up Portugal’s flag after mistaking it as SDPI’s, however, the police had arrested him and he was not assaulted by Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans in Kerala. The viral image is not of the same man. Read more here.

Visuals Of Underwater Volcanic Eruption In Sumatra? No, Simulation Video Viral With False Claim

Several social media users shared a video showing massive smoke rising from a waterbody. Those who shared the clip claim it shows visuals of an underwater volcanic eruption in Sumatra, Indonesia. Newschecker found the claim to be untrue. The viral clip is actually a simulation video which was created for Auckland Museum. It does not show any real incident. Read more here.

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022: Here’s Why Translator Left Midway During Rahul Gandhi’s Public Address

A video showing a Gujarati translator leaving the stage mid-way during Gandhi’s public address is going viral on social media platforms. Those who shared the 24-second-long footage alleged that the translator left the stage as he was “unable to understand & translate” what Rahul Gandhi had to say. Newschecker found that the viral post passing a jibe at Rahul Gandhi after his translator at the Surat rally was seen leaving the stage, lacks context. The translator stepped down from the stage as the audience was able to understand Hindi. Read more here.

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