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There is not substantial evidence demonstrating how such products help to strengthen the gums. Any dental procedure requires an accurate examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan, all of which can only be carried out by dental specialists.

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According to a Facebook post, herbal teeth whitening strengthens the gums. We verified the assertion. Our research revealed that the claim is Mostly False.

The Claim

A Facebook post with the caption “It is a herbal combination that helps to strengthen your gums and totally eradicate all of the stains from your teeth” claims that a herbal teeth-whitening foam could perform both of these treatments. The screenshot of the same has been shared below for your reference.

Teeth SS

Fact Check

Is the post and the product it recommends genuine?

It must be underlined that the components of this whitening foam are undisclosed. This raises doubts about the product’s effectiveness and safety. We also used Google reverse image to figure out the source of the images used in the video. One of the pictures was taken from a Youtube video.

Video SS

What exactly is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening procedures tend to sand away the stains on the teeth. It should be acknowledged that tooth whitening is essential when the tooth enamel gets darker. Smoking, caffeine, and artificial food coloring can all cause this form of discoloration. Thus, these procedures enhance the whiteness and brilliance of natural teeth. Additionally, these procedures can be performed at home or by a dental professional.

Do teeth whitening procedures strengthen the gums?

No. Dental plaque is primarily to blame for gum-related issues. Therefore, the major goal of the treatment is to eradicate the bacterial biofilm. The severity of the gum disease determines the course of the treatment. Also, professional cleaning is primarily needed to restore gum health. However, the patient must maintain appropriate daily care at home for the treatment to be successful. In addition, the doctor might advise adopting specific habits, such as quitting smoking, that could aid the treatment.

Teeth whitening, on the other hand is a cosmetic procedure. Additionally, images of perfect smiles on social media and on television have played a significant role. Thus, they have persuaded many people that having white, sparkling teeth is the standard. Thus, teeth whitening has gained popularity. It may be deemed safer to use at-home and chemically activated whitening products to maintain gingival health. However, it should be emphasized that more research would be required to establish that teeth whitening products could strengthen the gums.

Pooja Bhardwaj, BDS

We asked Dr. Pooja Bhardwaj (BDS), our dental expert, about the possibility that gum health could be improved by teeth-whitening foam. She cautioned that there is no scientific evidence that teeth whitening strengthens gums. Agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide break down and remove stains to produce a whitening effect. Thus, if not done correctly, these procedures pose the risk of harming the surrounding area. Every patient must use personalised trays because even a tiny substance leak could cause a chemical burn, which could lead to inflammation of the soft tissues that may be accompanied by soreness, bleeding, or pain.

Is teeth whitening a safe procedure?

Yes, but to a certain extent. Generally, at-home whitening products are milder. These are available in a variety of formulations, including toothpaste, gel, and mouthwash. The teeth-whitening products have an abrasive quality. It should be noted that these might harm the enamel on your teeth. Additionally, this could irritate the gums, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and could potentially increase sensitivity of the teeth. Consequently, prolonged use should be avoided. Always visit your dentist for advice on using abrasive whitening solutions safely.

THIP MEDIA TAKE: Our research determined that there are studies that show evidence of the safety of expert bleaching techniques. There are still concerns and disagreements about the self-administered whitening chemicals.

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