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A video on social media claims resonant frequency therapy with the rife machine cures cancer. We fact-checked and found the claim to be Mostly False. No evidence confirms rife machines cure cancer completely. But the idea of resonance and frequency in curing diseases and maintaining health is common among researchers. 

The Claim

A TikTok video on Facebook claims that the cure for cancer has already been found with the invention of rife machines, which use resonant frequency therapy to kill cancer cells. 

Fact Check

What is a rife machine?

An American inventor named Royal Raymond Rife designed a rife machine in the 1920s. Proponents claim that this device can kill cancer cells with low-energy electromagnetic waves.

Can rife machines cure cancer completely?

It does not seem so. No scientific evidence confirms a rife machine cures cancer completely. 

A complete cure means the treatment can kill cancer cells, prevent their multiplication and inhibit the formation of new cancer cells, which no scientific evidence confirms rife machines have accomplished successfully.

We could not find any evidence to confirm whether the rifle machine was patented or had undergone stages of clinical trials to get approved by governing bodies for commercial use. It seems all the testing was done in a controlled environment within a laboratory. But we found a research paper published in 2020 that seemed to claim the opposite. This paper claims that the rife’s method of healing cancer was clinically tested, but it was declared bogus.

The ITC Immunity Center website shows that the research on rife machines stopped when the American Medical Association (AMA) refused to publish any paper supporting the technology. The website states that ‘the AMA was directly responsible for the suppression of the rife device, which was considered “new medical technology.” In fact, in 1942 the U.S. Court of Appeals found the AMA guilty of suppressing new medical technologies in favour of drug companies’.  There is no evidence of such an incident on AMA’s website.

We asked Dr Sarthak Moharir, Radiation Oncologist, HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara, if rife machines or low-frequency electromagnetic waves will ever cause cancer completely. To this, he said, “No. Rife machines are not proven to cure cancers. Currently, only one device called tumour treating field (TTF) helmet is FDA approved as second-line therapy for recurrent glioblastoma (GBM-brain tumour) as it has shown to increase median survival in GBM patients when the helmet is worn for 20-23 hours a day, taken off only for MRIs and showers. TTF helmet is marketed as Optune helmet in the USA. It is to be noted that the TTF helmet helps increase median survival and doesn’t offer a cure of cancer.”

How do vibration and frequency have a role to play in cancer treatment?

Cells have resonance as they vibrate at certain frequencies. It is believed that cancer cells can be targeted using electromagnetic radiation without harming healthy cells in the body. Advocates claim that a rife machine picks specific cancer cells’ vibrations and shakes them up. It makes them undergo cell death. We do not have enough human trials to prove the authenticity of this mechanism or discuss the potential side effects of such a treatment. The available cancer treatments can have severe side effects. Hence, the ongoing research focuses on alternative therapies to treat the condition with minimal damage. That being the case, researchers are trying to understand whether low-frequency electromagnetic waves can kill cancer cells.

We even found a few papers that show low-frequency electromagnetic waves can impact the cancer cells’ ability to survive or live successfully with no impact on non-cancer cells. But these studies are not yet copied successfully on human beings.

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