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Can home remedies tighten vagina?

Can groundnut tighten vagina?

Not exactly. There is no scientific evidence to confirm home remedies like using groundnuts will naturally tighten loose vagina. Also, drinking groundnut water does not seem to have much effect on vagina tightening. Eating groundnut has health benefits, but no evidence shows how groundnut works to bring a loosen vagina back to its original condition. 

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A social media post claims groundnut water tightens the vagina. We fact-checked and found the claim to be False. No scientific evidence confirms drinking groundnut water tightens the vagina.

The Claim 

A Facebook post claims groundnuts can naturally tighten the vagina. The social media post even shares a recipe claimed to be supported by references on Google. 


This social media post has received 468 likes, 373 comments, and 54 shares till we last checked.

Fact Check

Is it possible to tighten the loose vagina?

To a certain extent. There are no proven ways of tightening the vagina. However, self-measures such as performing kegel exercises can strengthen pelvic muscles, or eating a collagen-boosting diet can help tighten the vagina. Eating a good diet to avoid constipation and maintaining a healthy body weight can also help. 

Good lifestyle practices such as avoiding strenuous activities and quitting smoking can tighten the vagina to a certain extent.

In certain cases, people can also consider vaginoplasty if the doctor recommends it. Vaginoplasty is a procedure to construct or repair a vagina.

Can groundnut water tighten the vagina?

No. Drinking groundnut water cannot tighten the loose vagina. Groundnut has numerous health benefits, but it does not seem to have much effect in strengthening the vagina back to its original condition. 

It seems claimants make such bogus claims for nefarious purposes. In this case, we searched about the claimant of the post Moments With Gift and found that it is a business service page that also sells products.


We asked Dr. Anita Gupta, Gynecologist and Associate Director at Fortis La Femme, GK, New Delhi, to shed some light on this topic. In reply, she said, “This claim has no scientific basis. But if anyone does anything via naturopathy, doctors practicing modern medicine won’t be able to comment.”

There exist many fake claims on social media that claims to improve vagina health. Earlier, THIP MEDIA fact-checked a post that claimed yoni pearls cleanse the vagina. These kind of medical disinformation are generally aimed to sell the product and not to treat the health condition.

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