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Can belly fat be reduced in 7 days by consuming a drink of lemon and eggplant?

Even though lemon and eggplant may have some positive effects in fat reduction, solely relying on its consumption won’t be sufficient. To lose weight, a person must follow a multidisciplinary approach which includes dietary modifications, lifestyle alterations and treating any underlying medical condition, if present.

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A Facebook post claims that consuming a drink made with eggplant will melt your belly fat in 7 days without diet or exercise and make you lose up to 10 kg in a week. We fact-checked and found that the claim was Mostly False. 

The Claim

The caption of a Facebook post reads, “1 eggplant, you will melt your belly fat in 7 days without diet or exercises; you will lose up to 10 kg in a week.” The post further states the recipe to prepare the drink by boiling eggplant and lemon.

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Fact Check

How can body fat be reduced?

Fat can be reduced by eating a balanced diet with fiber and protein. One should also avoid alcohol, processed foods, sugar, high-fat food items.

Physical activities such as exercise, strength training, swimming will help in reducing fat. Research states that a type of belly fat referred to as visceral fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. Hence, one must try to lose extra fat and keep the BMI (Body Mass Index) in proportion.

Can you lose belly fat with a diet in 7 days?

No. Fat reduction can only be achieved naturally by weight loss through physical activity and a well-balanced calorie-deficit diet. Also, weight loss can’t be specific to a region; the whole body loses weight altogether, even though the visible differences can slightly vary.

Lastly, it is not possible to reduce fat in one night naturally. It is a gradual process that takes a lot of effort and time.


Umesh Wadhavani, Nutritionist, shares his view by stating, “No single food item can cause or prevent a chronic health condition. It is the amalgamation of various factors including your diet, daily routine, workplace stress, relationships, sleep, movement, etc., that affect health.”


We further checked with Dt. Priyanka, who opines, “No, losing fat is a multidimensional approach. If you want to lose fat, you need to find out the cause of weight gain: inflammation, leaky gut, hormone imbalance, toxins, low metabolism, intake of medicines like steroids, etc. Once you identify the cause, you need to modify your diet and lifestyle accordingly to lose fat.”

Can you melt belly fat in 7 days by consuming a drink made with lemon and eggplant?

Not exactly. It is not possible to melt belly fat in a few days by consuming such a drink. However, there are certain studies which show that eggplant and lemon might aid in fat reduction but these can’t be used as a therapeutic measure. A study states that eggplant has some anti-oxidative properties. It also shows some protective effects on hyperlipidemia and obesity via the induction of lipoprotein lipase activity and the reduction of pancreatic lipase activity. 

Similarly, lemon is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help better digestion. It also has diuretic properties, which can help detoxify the body, thereby helping burn fat. Lemon is also known to boost metabolism. But too much of it can upset your stomach and affect your teeth.

However, it must be noted that losing this much weight drastically is not safe and may occur due to dehydration. The weight loss can only happen if a person is making lifestyle alterations, physically working out and only consuming this drink. Overconsumption of any such ingredient would do more harm than good. Consumption of diuretics, such as lemon can slightly dampen appetite, which can lead to electrolyte changes and muscle loss, which is dangerous for the body.  Similarly, eggplant is also believed to have a diuretic effect on the body. Therefore, it is not advised to go for such a crash diet that can harm the body in the long run.

Nutritionist Wadhavani also clarifies this by stating, “No diet in isolation can help you reduce your belly fat in a short span that has occurred because of months and months of lifestyle habits and it can only go with the help of consistent lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, proper intake of water, taking good sleep, doing regular exercise and living a stress-free life.”

THIP Media Take: There are no conclusive studies that prove that you can melt belly fat in 7 days by consuming a drink made with lemon and eggplant. Overconsumption of any such diet would do more harm than good as it has some side effects.

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