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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the party’s “Halla Bol” rally targeting price rise, at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi , attacked the Centre on the issue of price rise. He said the price of atta (wheat flour) rose from ₹22 per litre in 2014 to ₹40 per litre now. Several Twitter users, including some verified accounts, began to circulate videos of the gaffe, poking fun at the usage of his use of the word litre instead of kilograms.

A clipped video of Rahul Gandhi's speech, where he measured atta in litres,  at the Congress’s rally against inflation was mischievously circulated on social media.
Screenshot of tweet by @Shehzad

The archived versions of the tweets can be seen here, here, here and here

Fact check

Newschecker did a search for the rally using the keywords “Rahul Gandhi Halla Bol rally”, which led us to this Youtube livestream of the rally, dated September 4, 2022, uploaded by Rahul Gandhi’s account. In his speech, Gandhi took on the BJP-led government, reeling out statistics highlighting inflation. He pointed out the rise in prices of essential commodities from 2014 to now (1:09:10 mark to 1:09:51).  We can see that he did compare atta’s prices in litre, but immediately corrected his slip of the tongue to kg.

We cross-checked this video with other live streams of the event, such as News18, ANI, and found the same.

From this, Newschecker learnt that a clipped video of his speech at the Congress party’s rally against inflation was being circulated on social media, omitting his correction of the “litre” blunder.

Result: Missing Context

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