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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is making headlines constantly with his Bharat Jodo Yatra has become a target of several critics for every act of his in the last three months. When he performed Aarti at Narmada Ghat, the video has gone viral with a claim that he was performing Aarti in a wrong direction.

BJP Media cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted: “If only “chunavi Hindu” Rahul Gandhi knew that aarti is done clockwise and there is a scientific reason for it (earth moves in clockwise direction and hence environmental frequencies are in sync with movement), he would not be making a spectacle of himself in public like this…” See the tweet below and the video:

It was soon retweeted by Neha Sharma of BJP Uttarakhand, who said, “This is what happens when the son of a Catholic mother and Parsi father pretends to be a Hindu for electoral gains, he does aarti anticlockwise.”


A close look at the video, however, shows that Rahul Gandhi was performing Aarti in clockwise direction and NOT anti-clockwise as claimed in these tweets. In the same video tweeted by Amit Malaviya, the clockwise direction of Aarti can be seen. Hence, the claim is totally false.

In fact, Aarti at other ghats like Ganga Aarti or Durga Aarti show that the Aarti lamp is moved in clockwise direction. See videos here:


Secondly, Malviya made out another false claim giving a scientific reason for his claim that the earth rotates clockwise, which is also fundamentally wrong. As it’s general awareness, the earth rotates in an anticlockwise motion from west to east. Hence, both the claims are totally false.

Claim: Rahul Gandhi performed Aarti at Narmada Ghat in anticlockwise direction.

Conclusion: The video clearly shows that the Aarti was performed in clockwise direction, hence tatally a false claim.

Rating: Totally False — Five rating

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