Did Pro-Khalistani groups at Rahul Gandhi’s London event raise pro-Congress slogans? Fact Check

A video is going viral on social media platforms showing some people raising pro-Congress, pro-Khalistan slogans, with a Congress poster clearly visible on the wall. It was being shared widely with a claim that Khalistan supporters attended Rahul Gandhi’s event in London to extend support to Congress party.


Sharing the video, the caption in Hindi by a user said: “कैसे सौंप दु मै काँग्रेस को अपना देश,आप ही बताओ… लंदन मे राहुल गांधी की सभा मे पहुचे खलीस्थानी आतकंवादी… काँग्रेस पार्टी जिंदाबाद और हिंदुस्थान मुर्दाबाद नारे लगाये…आपके पास जितने भी ग्रुप है सब मे भेजो” [How can I hand over my country to Congress, you tell… Khalistani terrorists reached Rahul Gandhi’s meeting in London… Raised slogans of Congress Party zindabad and Hindustan murdabad… Send to all the groups you have.”]


When the Digiteye team took it up for fact-checking, it was found that the video was shared with a false claim. The event of Rahul Gandhi was held in London on August 26, 2018 and in fact, Khalistani supporters tried to disrupt the event.

The WION News Channel covered it and shared the clip on its YouTube channel the next day as seen here.


The Indian Express had reported the incident with the headline: “Khalistan supporters attempt to disrupt Rahul Gandhi’s event in London”. It clearly stated that when three pro-Khalistan supporters raised slogans shouting “Khalistan zindabad”, the audience countered them with slogans of “Congress party zindabad”. The video was shared by BJP worker Priti Gandhi in 2018.


The wrong claim has been frequently repeated on social media channels to discredit Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi several times as seen below:


The wrong video has been debunked many times in the past but it remains cropping up on social media to target Rahul gandhi and the Congress Party.

Claim: Khalistan supporters attended Rahul Gandhi’s event in London and raised slogans extending support to Congress party.

Conclusion: Wrong claim was made as audience were actually countering pro-Khalistani suporters with slogans of “Congrees Party Zindabad.”

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