Did Modi say, “I’m son of a Pathan’ in this 2019 video? Fact Check- Digiteye

As Hindi film Pathaan has triggered controversy with boycott calls, a video clip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is circulating on social media, claiming he once said that he was the son of a ‘Pathan’. The video shows him saying in Hindi, “I am the son of a Pathan. I speak truth, and my actions are true.”

It was also shared here and here.


A simple search on Google popped up with results of PM Modi daring then Pakistan PM Imran Khan on his claim of “Son of a Pathan”. See the original video at 1:26 minutes that carried by the Bharatiya Janata Party on February 23, 2019, when he was addressing a public meeting in Tonk, Rajasthan.

In the original video, at 59:45 minutes, it can be heard that PM Modi was saying that when Imran Khan came to power in Pakistan, as per protocol he called and congratulated him. During the conversation, Imran khan said that he was the son of a Pathan.

Referring to Imran Khan, PM Modi had said: “And he [Imran Khan] told me one more thing, that, ‘Modi Ji, I am the child of a Pathan. I speak truth, and work with honesty.”

Hence, the viral video clip has been taken out of context with a misleading claim.

Claim: Modi said he is the child of a Pathan, according to a video clip.
Conclusion: Modi was referring to then Pakistan PM Imran Khan who told Modi that he the son of a Pathan and speaks truth.
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