Did Elon Musk tweet claiming Jack Dorsey was paid millions of dollars to suppress posts on Hunter Biden? Fact Check- Digiteye

Twitter owner Elon Musk created a storm earlier this month after releasing internal documents showing how the company struggled to deal with a negative news story about Hunter Biden during the 2020 presidential election.

Taking a cue from this, some social media users have put out a claim that Musk had tweeted about Jack Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter, alleging that he had taken money to suppress damaging information about the younger Biden.



“The Democrats paid the CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter millions of dollars to block and delete people’s pages during the 2020 election That posted anything about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Let me say that again the democratic party paid millions to block stories about the Biden’s.” reads the text posted to Facebook on Dec. 4.

The post on Dec. 5, 2022 was shared more than 1,000 times and many have shared it believing that it was truly from from Musk, who is known to have been mounting an attack on Hunter Biden.


When the Digiteye team checked the veracity of the tweet that was likely to be believed by many people due to the ongoing social media talk on both Musk and Hunter Biden, no such tweet was found as there was only one tweet on this day by Musk and it was not related to Hunter Biden. No such message was found in an archive of his tweets.

A close scrutiny of the tweet shows typical ambiguity in terms of font and format. The second para begins leaving some space at the beginning. The timestamp to the right of the username is clearly missing. The text in the image has some glaring grammatical and punctuation errors, which Musk was not known of committing.

Secondly, the allegation remains vague with no evidence to support that Dorsey was paid to withhold information.

Claim: Image shows Elon Musk tweeted that Jack Dorsey was paid to suppress Hunter Biden info

Conclusion: False, no such tweet was posted by Elon Musk

Rating: Misrepresentation —

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