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Social media platforms were taken by a storm on Wednesday after users spotted Delhi CM and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal as one of the followers of Esmee (@Esmee4Keeps), a Twitter handle posting adult content. Soon after, “ #TharkiKejriwal,” “#KejriwalExposed” started to trend, triggering a meme fest on Twitter and channelling social media attention to the Delhi CM, who is currently occupied with his attempts to garner public support in poll-bound Gujarat. Notably, Kejriwal has now unfollowed the account, but several news outlets were also quick to report on this viral Twitter trend.

arvind kejriwal
Screenshot of tweet by @vcd_returns
Screenshot of tweet by @kirthan_dandem

Links to such tweets can be seen here and here.

While a majority of twitteratis continued to troll Kejriwal, some users claimed that the handle @Esmee4Keeps was previously operating under the username @WastedVideos_ and posted “funny content.”

Screenshot of tweet by @PostTruthIndia
Screenshot of tweet by @ayushmehrotra_

Links to such posts can be found here and here.

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Newschecker attempted to uncover the truth of Twitter handle @Esmee4Keeps.

Using TweeterID , we ascertained the Twitter id of @Esmee4Keeps. Every Twitter account has a unique id that can be traced through this website. We found the Twitter ID associated with the account to be ‘1520004626665414663.’ Notably, the Twitter id of the account remains the same even if the user changes its display name or handle.

Screengrab from TweeterID website

We looked up ‘1520004626665414663’ on Yandex  and found the same Twitter id was linked to another handle ‘@WastedVideos_’ .

Screengrab from Yandex search

Furthermore, a Twitter advanced search for replies to @WastedVideos_  also yielded replies to tweets by  @Esmee4Keeps, indicating that these both are actually the same account.

Screengrab from Twitter advanced search

We further noticed that the Tweets by  @WastedVideos_  have now been deleted. However, the replies to the handle suggest that the context was likely comic in nature. 

A search for  @WastedVideos_  on Google yielded a link to a tweet by the user. Though the tweet has now been deleted, the cached version showed a young girl pouring water in a vessel.

Screengrab from Google search

We could thus conclude that Twitter handle @Esmee4Keeps was earlier operational as Children Doing Shit (@WastedVideos_) and posted comic content.

Newschecker could not independently verify when exactly Arvind Kejriwal’s twitter account followed this suspicious handle. Also, we couldn’t ascertain when the Twitter user changed the account’s name and the nature of its content. However, the account in question previously dealt in content related to the humour genre.

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