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Video of chopper crash in Ukraine that killed 16 people including the Interior Minister

The archive link of the tweet can be seen here.

Fact check/Verification 

Newschecker began by analysing the video carefully and found the number three on the right top corner of the video, indicating that the footage was part of a compilation of videos. Further, we conducted a keyword search on YouTube, with the keywords ‘top helicopter crashes’, and verified the first result that the search threw up, which was a video compilation, titled “Top 20 dangerous Helicopter Crashes in 10 minutes | top 20 Helicopter crash accident compilation”, posted by a YouTube channel Pilot Kuldeep Taak in 2020. On analysing the compilation, we found that the viral video was indeed from the compilation, and featured third in the list. 

Chopper Crash In Ukraine: Video Showing Helicopter Crash From 2014 Shared As Recent
A screengrab of the YouTube video compilation carrying the same footage as seen in the viral video

We further conducted a reverse image search of the keyframe on Yanddex which took us to a report on from September 2014, titled “Fatal Mi-8 Helo Crash at Russian Air Show”. 

The report carried the same video, and revealed that the mishap took place during the “opening phases of the Gidroavisalon 2014 in Gelendzhik (a black sea resort town in Russia), an international hydro air show that gathered 180 Russian companies and 14 foreign delegations.” 

We also found other similar reports from 2014, as can be seen here, and here.

Result: False 

Our Sources

Compilation video of helicopter crashes, posted by Pilot Kuldeep Taak, dated September 28, 2020
Report of plane crash by, dated September 7, 2014
Report of plane crash by, dated September 10, 2014
YouTube video by FlyEurope.TV, dated April 14, 2021

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