Bihar image shared as West Bengal farmers supporting PM Modi by BJP leader

modi supporter

On 7 October, BJP West Bengal President Dilip Ghosh tweeted an image of farmers, Ghosh claimed that the picture of modi supporter featured in his tweet was taken at Puntor village of Kumarganj assembly. Investigation reveals that the claim is false. The image is not from West Bengal. the supporters photo was shot in Kaimur […]

Fake email is being shared claiming from Netflix


An email shared to many users claims the customers to update the payment details by clicking on the shared link by them. The email claim “Your account is on hold. Please update your payment details. We’re having trouble with your current billing information. Your friends from Netflix .”.  Investigation found the email is false and […]

Putin memes circulating with false claim

Vladimir Putin

Nepali Facebook users have been sharing memes showing a blind Russian teenager meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. The memes claim that Putin met the girl within 24 hours after she had expressed her desire to meet the president.  The investigation found that some claims made in the meme are false.  At that time the girl […]

White House Gift Shop is not Selling ‘Trump Defeats COVID-19’ Coin

white house

A post circulating on social media. it claims that white house gift shop is selling a “Trump Defeats COVID-19” commemorative coin. this website is not the official gift shop of the White House, the government is not associated with it. The Trump administration does not make a profit from its sales. This is misleading named […]

Deepika Padukone did not wear ‘I Stand With Indian Farmers’ t-shirt

deepika padukone

The farmer groups have been protesting against the Modi government’s farm bills from the last few months. An image of Deepika Padukone wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘I stand with Indian farmers’ is circulating on social media. The investigation found that the shared claim is fake. and the shared image is edited. In the […]

Obama Foundation did not Own 82% of Ballot Printers


On June 26, 2020, the website Obama Watcher published an article that claims 82% of mail-in ballots in the U.S. were printed by entities owned and operated by the Obama Foundation. The investigation found there is no such information.  The article originated with a website that describes its output as being humorous in nature, Everything […]

Facebook post about Australian COVID-19 death data is inaccurate


A post on facebook claims a Department of Health report reveals that COVID-19 death figures for Australia have been dramatically overstated and the real tally is less than one-tenth of the official count. It claims that there is no pandemic and that only nine per cent of Australian COVID-19 deaths were caused by the virus. […]

can pepper cure coronavirus?

coronavirus cure

A post on social media claims that hot meals with pepper cure coronavirus in less than 24 hours. The coronavirus cure claim is viral on Facebook and Twitter. Investigated found the post is fake. There is no evidence that adding pepper in food cures coronavirus in 24 hours. food won’t cure or prevent coronavirus. Hot […]

Govt did not approved FRDI bill with ‘bail-in’ provision?misleading

frdi bill

A post shared on social media. It claims that a bill approved by the Cabinet introduces a provision for ‘bail-in’ due to which the interests of depositors depositing money in banks can be lost. ( To absurd the loses of the bank). Investigation revealed the claim is misleading. The bill that claimed to have been […]

McConnell did not Refuse to Participate With Female Moderators? lies


In September 2020, a claim circulated online related to Leader Mitch McConnell that he allegedly refused to participate in debates with McGrath that featured one or more women as hosts, per social media posts and would not participate in election debates that included female moderators. fact check revealed, there is no evidence exists to confirm […]

Did Bill Gates say only the vaccinated would be free to move ?

bill gates

A post shared on social media. The post claims Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said “only the people who have all the vaccines will still be able to move freely. Fact check found no record from any sources of Mr.Gates making the comments. Bill Gates did not say this. The primary claims within this post are […]

Did PM Modi writes letter to Yogi Aditya nath For Creating Hindu Rashtra, lies


A letter screenshort post shared on social media. Post claims that PM modi has written the letter to UP CMYogi Aditya nath. In which PM has been praised CM Yogi for his contribution in creating the hindu nation. The letter also talks about Ram mandir. PM’s sign is also in it. Investigation found the shared […]