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Consuming ice cream is sometimes okay in gestational diabetes, but the pregnant woman needs to make mindful choices.

Is it okay to consume ice cream if suffering from gestational diabetes?

It is necessary to make mindful food choices, especially with gestational diabetes. The effects of high blood sugar can cause problems for both the woman as well as the unborn baby. 

Ice cream, like liquid, is processed and absorbed much faster than other foods. Therefore, blood glucose can spike rapidly. If you are pregnant, you should be aware of the ingredients in your food. It is necessary to look at any ice cream’s nutritional information and carb count, even if it is ‘sugar-free’ or ‘diabetic-friendly’. Always look at the values and then consume its quantity accordingly.

Can I eat sugar-free ice cream for gestational diabetes?

Sometimes, yes. However, diabetes-friendly ice creams can still raise blood sugar levels. Natural sugar present in them, especially in fruits, can spike blood sugar levels. It might contain more carbs than many standard ice creams. However, it must be noted that artificial sweeteners may cause gastrointestinal problems. It can cause gastric upsets, bloating, cramps, flatulence and diarrhea due to the presence of artificial sweeteners such as Sorbitol and mannitol. In conclusion, eating a moderate portion of real ice cream is a better way to go.

Does ice cream raise your blood sugar levels?

Yes. Due to the carbohydrates and added sugars, the consumption of ice creams raises your blood sugar levels. Consume ice creams that contain aspartame, sorbitol or mannitol in order to minimize the raise in blood sugar. They are less likely to raise blood sugar levels when compared to the ones with other types of sweeteners. You can also avoid any add-ons that can raise your blood sugar, such as candy bits, cookies, etc. Prefer those ice creams that are lower in carbohydrates, and always consume them in moderation.  

Remember, if you make the right food choices and plan your carbohydrate intake throughout the day, it makes it possible to indulge on occasion. 

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