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Yes, a tooth cavity can heal itself to a certain extent. Fortunately, early cavities are avoidable. The enamel’s potential for remineralization may provide an explanation for this. Tooth cavities or structural openings can be reversed only in the early stages. Fortunately, you can prevent early cavities by adhering to the recommended practices for maintaining proper oral hygiene. This would minimize the plaque buildup. However, in the later stages of cavity, you will require professional treatment. The goal of this write up is to discuss the enamel’s ability to heal itself. Additionally, it also covers the methods used for tooth healing.

When a tooth is exposed to the acids produced by the bacterial action on foods high in sugar and starches, the enamel continues to lose minerals. This mineral loss may lead to the development of a white area. This is usually an early symptom of tooth decay. Once the decay impacts the deeper layers of the teeth, the remineralization ability of the enamel would not be enough to reverse the damage. At this point, professional management would be necessary.

What can cause cavities?

Cavities form when oral bacteria’s acidic byproducts come into contact with your teeth. The plaque buildup on the teeth produces acids. Thus, this subsequent acid produced decreases the pH of the mouth. As a result, regular exposure to these acidic byproducts damages both the organic and mineral components of the teeth. The enamel is where the initial damage begins. Thus, if the degeneration is not restored quickly, it tends to spread to the deeper layers.

Why can’t teeth cavities heal themselves?

Enamel restoration usually involves the use of fluoride from external sources. These mainly include the combination of fluoride-based products with minerals from saliva. However, when tooth decay advances, the enamel becomes more fragile and eventually cracks. This ultimately disturbs the caries balance of the teeth. Thus, a dentist needs a filling to repair the damage.

What helps heal cavities?

The three most important things are good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and frequent dental check-ups. Please remember that if the cavity is caught at the beginning or early stages, it can be reversed. Additional decay could be halted by restoring the minerals in the teeth. This especially includes routine brushing, flossing, and exposure to fluoride, a mineral that supports tooth enamel strength. Consume sugar and starch in moderation and schedule a dental cleaning at least once every six months. This would help control plaque build-up. It’s crucial to understand that cavities can occasionally not be prevented, even with proper oral hygiene. Such situations require therapy. The extent of the tooth decay would determine this. Cavity treatments include fillings, crowns, and root canals. In cases where tooth decay cannot be managed, dental extraction is indicated.

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