Bilaspur clash over Durga immersion shown as Muslim attack on procession; Fact Check- Digiteye

A video claiming that Muslims have been attacking Hindus during a festival procession in Bilaspur has been going viral on social media platforms. The video shows people pelting stones at a truck and another group smashing the windscreen of another truck, carrying a statue of Goddess Durga.

The caption in Hindi read: “Hindus are being attacked with swords, sticks, rocks and rods in Bilaspur and adds, “How long will a Hindu be beaten for celebrating a festival in his own country?”

Soon, the remarks on video hinted that it was Muslims who attacked the procession, giving it a clear communal angle. Usually, on Navaratri, the processions take place with Goddess Durga’s statues being taken to immerse in water. The clip was shared on Facebook and Twitter.


However, a shop salesman visible in the video by name Bhanu told AFP that both groups involved in the clash were celebrating the same Hindu festival. “This incident happened in front of our shop but the shop was closed that day,” Bhanu told AFP. “Both the parties belong to the Hindu community and there is no communal angle in it.”

Bilaspur police spokesperson Ramesh Sahu also confirmed that it was a clash between two groups from the Hindu community. “Police reached the spot and brought the situation under control and peace was restored,” Sahu said.

Even ANI has carried the news video with the truth as seen below:

Hence, a clash between two Hindu groups has been falsified to show it as clash between Hindus and Muslims, giving it a communal overtone.

Claim: Hindus attacked during Durga procession.

Conclusion: False, itt was a clash between two rival Hindu groups and not between Hindus and Muslims.

Rating: Totally False – Five rating

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