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Image shows Beef Biryani recipe mix by Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved.

Beef Biryani Recipe Mix By Ramdev’s Patanjali?
Screenshot of Facebook post by @swamdogofficial

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Newschecker scanned through the official website of Patanjali Ayurved to ascertain whether the firm offers any such product or not. We looked up words like “Beef,” “Beef Biryani, “ Beef Biryani Recipe Mix,” on the website but did not find any such offering listed in their online catalogue.

Further, we noticed that  none of the products seen in Patanjali Ayurved website featured ‘Ramdev’ written on their packages as seen in the viral image. Additionally, the colour schema of Patanjali’s trademark seen in the viral image is different from that of the firm’s authentic logo.

(L-R) Images of products listed on the official website of Patanjali Ayurved and viral image

Following this, we conducted a Google reverse image search on the viral image which led to a product listed on the website of National Foods a Pakistani food products company.

On comparing the viral image with the National Beef Biryani Recipe Mix, we found several similarities in the packaging and could conclude that “Ramdev” and “Patanjali” were digitally added to the photo of  Biryani recipe mix listed on National Foods website. 

(L-R) Viral image and screenshot of Beef Biryani Recipe Mix by National Foods

Further, on carefully analysing the viral image we spotted the word ‘SATIRE’ written on the right side of the package. It is likely that the photo was altered in an attempt to mock the brand.

Result: Altered Photo

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