Fake picture of California wildfire shared on social media, fooled


californiawildfire : California is experiencing the worst fire. A picture shared on social media. Users shared the image claiming that it’s California wildfire. Fact check revealed that the shared claim is false. The shared image is not from California wildfire. In fact, the picture was taken from the sunset’s cloud from above, Now it is […]

false claim shared by TMC leader Abhishek Banerjee lies


A video shared on social media. In which tmc mamta benerjee’s nephew claims CM Yogi Aditya Nath had said that he will rape dead Muslim women. Actor swara bhaskar is also in the video. abhishek also was targeting kashmiri sushil pandit in the panel. Fact check revealed that this statement was not given by CM […]

Shahrukh did not support Owaisi’s MIM party lies


  Shahrukh khan’s picture shared on social media. In which he wore MIM Tshirt which supports the party. The post claims that he is following Assaduddin Owaisi ‘s MIM  (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) party. The user also requested to boycott Shahrukh. The investigation found Shahrukh is not supporting MIM. The picture was captured in 2009 during the […]

Old video of BJP Leader Rajkumar Saini shared with fake claim lies


After farmer bill protest, lot of people posted fake news on social media. A video is also shared. video claims that Haryana’s  farmer fight with BJP leader Rajkumar saini . Fact check revealed the video is not connected with latest farmer protest. It is about 4 year old. When some people threw ink on Rajkumar […]

Why we always feel tired ?


Tired body is not able to do work well. It can make your work more difficult. According to CDS, 15.3 percent females and 10.1 percent males feel tired in america. let’s know about major reasons behind tiredness. Improper sleep leads decline in energy. a person should take 7 hour sleep. shortage of vitamins will low […]

2013 Old picture, shared as recent farmer protest. lies

vishvasnews: An image of a security officer pointing a gun to an elderly person was shared on social media. it claiming the recent protests, Fact check revealed that this was an old picture from Khera, Meerut clicked in 2013. there was a clash between two groups. picture shared with the false claim. The picture being […]

Is covid19 Top the list of highly survival virus?

leadstories : Chickenpox and Epstein-Barr are widespread viruses. Effective vaccines make lethal viruses 100% survivable. Immunologist says COVID-19 is far from the most survivable virus. Richard Kennedy, the Ph.D. immunologist, said The common virus with the highest mortality rate is probably rabies. Smallpox, he said, has a whopping 30% mortality rate compared to 3% for […]

What is the condition of TB patient, Healthy or unhealthy in India?


TB,is a viral disease, effect lungs. Central minister Harshvardhan said Tuberculosis have been in existence since time immemorial, remain a major global health problem. Despite the progress made over the last decade, TB remains the leading infectious killer disease worldwide. He pointed that poverty is the major reason of TB, to address this Government is […]

Obama did not Call a UN Security Meeting Behind Trump’s Back, misleading


A claim shared on twitter with the link  obamawatcher.com2019 article  that Former US president Barack Obama called a UN security meeting behind the US president Donald trump. The meeting was attended by the leaders of 17 countries. fact check revealed the image shared with article show Obama at a UN peacekeeping meeting in 2009. the […]

Did Umar Khalid damaged Temple and hoisted green flag? lies


A video shared on social media In which a person can be seen hoisting flag on dome building. video claims that umar khalid damaged temple, hoisted green flag on it. this video was also shared few month back. Investigation found, video shows mosque not a temple. there is red flag not green. This incident is […]

Did Dalit farmer burned himself alive in UP ?


altnews : A video has been shared on twitter with claim that farmers in UP were burned alive by goons for protesting land grabbing. the video is from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. tagged Amethi,UP police in the tweet. clip has also been shared on Facebook. Investigation found, video is shared with fake claim. The video is […]

Is Government giving Rs 7500 as relief fund ? lies

    vishvasnews : A post viral on social media, claims that the Government has recognized free relief fund of 7500 will be given every citizen. There is also a link to get money direct in bank account. Offer for limited period. Fact check reveled there is no such reports related to relief fund of […]