Amit Malaviya tweets claiming ex-minister tied shoe lace of Rahul Gandhi in Bharat Jodo Yatra; Fact Check- Digiteye

As Congress Party’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is coming under wide coverage, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) IT cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted a video on Dec 21, 2022 with a claim that Congress leader and Former Union Minister Jitendra Singh Alwar bent down and tied Rahul Gandhi’s shoe lace during the Yatra.

He tweeted: “Former union minister Bhanwar Jitendra Singh goes down on his knee to tie Rahul Gandhi’s shoe lace. The arrogant entitled brat instead of helping himself is seen patting his back… इसी परिपाटी की बात कर रहे थे खड़गे जी? कांग्रेस में पिद्दियों की कमी नहीं है।” [English translation of Hindi text reads: “Kharge ji was talking about this practice? There is no dearth of bootlickers in Congress.”]

The video relates to an event of Bharat Jodo Yatra during its march in Haryana from December 20, 2022. Soon after Amit Malaviya shared the video with derogatory remarks on Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party, it was shared by many people. See the links here and here.


When the Digiteye team looked for original video and the details of the event, it was found that Amit Malviya clearly missed the fact that Rahul Gandhi alerted Jitendra singh about his lace and the latter quickly tied his shoelace.

When Amit Malaviya shared the tweet, he immediately responded with the original video as below:

Prashant Pratap, Tech Head of Congress social media, in response, tweeted more photos from the same spot which show clearly Alwar’s untied shoelace, disproving BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malaviya’s claim.

blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”>

लो भइया अब तो वीडियो भी आ गया🤦

क्या सोच के ट्वीट किए थे, सरदार शाबाशी देगा?

— Prashant Pratap (@iPrashantSingh) December 21, 2022

A clearer picture emerges from this video which shows the entire incident from another angle in which we can clearly see Alwar bending to tie his lace, which is not visible in the video tweeted by Malviya. While Singh was tying the lace, Rahul Gandhi stopped walking and seeing it.

Claim: Amit Malaviya shares video claiming former minister Jitendra Singh Alwar tying the shoelaces of Rahul Gandhi.
Conclusion: Totally False – Jintendra Singh Alwar was tying his own shoelace.
Rating: Totally False — Five rating

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