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A video of an aircraft flying under the bridges before heading up in the sky is doing the rounds on social media platforms. Several users who shared the video claimed, with amazement, that it shows an actual incident. 

Newschecker found the claim to be untrue, and that the aircraft, which is seen manoeuvring under bridges in the widely circulated footage, is a digital creation. 

Several Twitter users shared the video with the caption, “The commercial Aircraft flies from below the bridge just splashing the river water below it. Amazing control at super high speeds. I am sure you will watch for the second time. (sic)”

Archived versions of such tweets can be seen here, here, here and here.

The 19-second-long-clip is also going viral on Facebook.

Links to such posts can be found here, here, here and here.

The video has also found its way to YouTube to show aircraft flying under the bridges.

Archived versions of such videos can be seen here and here.

Newschecker also received the video on our WhatsApp tipline (+91-9999499044) requesting to be fact checked.

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Fact Check/Verification

On carefully analysing the video, we spotted “RIOMAR” and a small design- likely a trademark-  painted on a hoarding. We looked up the same on Google lens and found a shopping complex, RioMar Recife Mall situated in the Brazilian city of Recife

Screengrab from viral video | Courtesy: Facebook/pramod.menon1

Following this, we conducted a Google reverse image search on the keyframes of viral footage along with the keywords “Recife,” & “aeroplane under bridge.” This led us to a YouTube video by Vertice Treinamentos, dated January 20, 2022, displaying a slightly longer version of the widely circulated clip.

Screengrab from YouTube video by Vertice Treinamentos

The description of the video read, “I had posted this video there on Instagram, I decided to put them here too…I’ll release it’s making too (translated from Portuguese).” On inspecting the link given in the description box, we were directed to an Instagram post by Vertice Treinamentos, dated October 29, 2021. 

Displaying the viral footage, the post read, “But boy, did they make that trench on the Pina bridge? Next post talk more about the process…(translated from Portuguese)”

Screengrab from Instagram post by Vertice Treinamentos

On scanning through the comment section of the post, we spotted some replies by Vertice Treinamentos suggesting that the video has been digitally edited. One such response read, “It’s an editing from a footage that I made on the 7th floor. You can check my next post to see the wireframe and render before insert on original vídeo. (translate from Portuguese)”

Screengrabs from Instagram post by Vertice Treinamentos

The successive post carried two videos, and a brief write-up explaining how the viral clip was created. As per the post, the clip of aircraft passing under the bridge was made through liquid simulation.

Screengrab from Instagram post by Vertice Treinamentos


Viral video claiming to show an aircraft passing under the bridges, before flying back into the sky has been digitally created. It does not show an actual incident.

Result: False

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